1. If your lot is square or rectangular, then take your width and multiply by your length then divide by 9. This will give you the square yardage of your lot.
  2. Next, use the same formula to figure the square yardage of the areas in your yard that will not require sod. Such areas include your house, driveway, sidewalks, gardens, etc.
  3. sod_estimateThen subtract these areas from your total lot size. The answer is the approximate amount, in square feet, of sod you need to order.
  4. If your yard is oddly shaped, then measure areas in you yard separately, such as separating the back yard, front and sides. See figures to the right.
  5. Because these areas are not perfect squares, take your measurement from the middle of these areas, multiply the length by the width. Add all areas together. Then follow instruction in step 2 and 3 with the exception of not subtracting the house, the areas was never included in this method of estimating.
  6. Odd shapes and extensive trimming may require additional sod. Please call for assistance.