1. install3Grade and rake soil to desired contour. For sandy or porous soil, 2 to 4 inches of black dirt or top soil is recommended.
  2. We recommend the use of a starter fertilizer. It should have a low percentage of nitrogen and higher percentages of phosphorus and potash. The fertilizer should be raked or tilled into the soil before installing the sod.
  3. Start along the house, driveway, or curb. Stagger rolls, keeping seams tight but not overlapping. Install the sod immediately.
  4. Trimming around trees, sidewalks and other obstructions may be done with a knife.
  5. Begin watering as soon as you have a large enough area installed so that you don’t get wet while finishing the installation.
  6. With the soil moist, rolling is recommended to assure good contact with the soil and to smooth out lumps.
  7. Watering should continue until the sod roots down. This will take 1 to 2 weeks. Keep sod constantly moist to where the soil underneath is damp.